Transform Your Kitchen with Painted Cabinets

Cabinet Painting in Rockford IL

Cabinet Painting For Rockfordd, Illinois

Refreshing the appearance of your home inside and outside is a simple task when you turn to Primed Painting Company.

Renovating your Kitchen in Rockford IL?

Instead of replacing your cabinets, use primed painting company to paint them instead. It is much cheaper and allows for a brand-new look without spending the money on tearing out, buying, and installing a new set of cabinets.

Cabinet Painting in Rockford IL

Painting Cabinets in Rockford IL

Cabinet replacement is expensive, but often you can get away with painting or refinishing— your existing cabinets to make them look brand new. The amount that a fresh coat of paint can do to your cabinets to enhance the room’s overall look could surprise you.
Residential Painting in Rockford IL

Residential Painting

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Commercial Painting in Rockford IL

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Cabinet Painting Preparation in Rockford IL

The labor-intensive task of preparing the cabinets— for painting is handled by the painting teams we assign to each job, guaranteeing the highest caliber of final work. For optimal adhesion, paint requires— a clean surface. To properly prepare your cabinets for painting, the painters will scrub away any oil, grease, and filth. As part of their preparation work, they will also gently wipe away the dust and smooth the surfaces. A stunning paint job is made possible by this entire process.
Cabinet Painting in Rockford IL

Why Choose Primed Painting Company?

Our knowledge can significantly— improve your house. We’ll do the labor-intensive task for you; you just need to specify— the color and the area you want it applied. We believe in leaving behind finished surfaces that are perfect for you and your style, and we know color.

Do It Right The First Time When Painting Cabinets

Hiring a skilled business for cabinet painting is vital because the work requires understanding of small nuances you might not expect. Because they wish to save money or take short cuts, not all painting companies adhere to the proper procedure. We operate within the financial and time constraints of our clients, taking the time to do each task correctly the first time.

What Sort Of Cabinets Are Paintable?

Almost any kind of cabinet you may have can be painted by our team with their extensive knowledge. Instances consist of, but are not restricted to:

  • Built-in storage and shelves
  • Kitchen islands and cabinets
  • Storage in closets
  • Cabinets in bathrooms

Every homeowner has a distinct personality, and every area in your house has a certain role. To help you create— the right mood with high-quality paints and carefully chosen colors, we’ll take the time to get to know you, hear your thoughts, and understand the purpose of the space.

Cabinet Painting in Rockford IL

Residential & Commercial Painting in Rockford

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