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Using Primed Painting Company to update the exterior and interior design of your house is an easy undertaking.

Deck & Fence Painting

The color of your house or the caliber— of your petunias are not the only factors that affect how attractive your curb is. A well-kept patio, deck, and fence may make a big difference in how your house looks to neighbors, friends, family, and prospective purchasers. A new coat of paint or stain may make a big impact and instantly improve the curb appeal of your yard without needing to be completely redone.

Here at Primed Painting Company, we think paint has incredible power! For all of our clients’ paint and stain needs, both residential and commercial, our staff is here to help. Our crew can paint your patio or remodel your home’s outside as part of our full-service residential exterior painting services.

Deck Painting Rockford IL
Residential Painting in Rockford IL

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Fence Painting & Deck Staining in Rockford IL

Using Primed Painting Company to update the exterior and interior design of your house is an easy undertaking.
Fence Painting in Rockford IL

Deck Paints & Stains

With wood decks, you can enjoy your outside space and have a great location to get together with loved ones. Because of this, it’s crucial for property owners to make sure their decks are safe for the heavy foot traffic of guests in addition to looking fantastic.

Our paints and stains at Primed Painting Company may significantly alter the appearance of your deck while forming a barrier that helps stop splinters and sun-damaged wood.

5 Step Painting Process

  1. Communication: We’ll assist you in selecting the best course of action based on your goals and financial situation.
  2. Preparation: All cleaning, sanding, and restoration are done in this step.
  3. Priming: Where needed, we will apply primer.
  4. Application of paint or stain: We’ll apply paint/stain on the surfaces.
  5. Examination: Our executives will come and do comprehensive examination of your project.

Our fence staining and deck painting services are made to be quick and effective, and they always yield a high-quality result that matches our STAR standards.

Ideas For Deck Colors

Dark paint colors work best for decks since they hide stains and debris. But depending on how much sunlight your deck receives can help you decide how light or dark the color you select will be. We'd recommend a lighter color if your deck gets lots of sun since this will cause the surface to become excessively hot and uncomfortable to walk on.

Popular Sherwin Williams deck paint colors are:
  • Amazing Grey (SW7044)
  • Natural Linen (SW 9109)
  • Greenfield (SW 6439)

For external wood decks, Sherwin William’s Super Deck paint is our recommendation. The purpose of this paint is to preserve, resurface, and keep water off of hardwood deck boards. To fit your taste and style, our professionals are delighted to assist you in selecting from a choice of deck paint colors.

Deck Restoration

Broken boards and slats, as well as jagged or projecting nails, are common features of old or aged decks. Before refinishing, our staff will fix any damaged or potentially dangerous areas on your deck as part of our Primed Painting Company repair services.

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